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Understanding the New Order in Ocean Shipping

A wave of liner carrier consolidation and reconfigured alliances washed over the shipping industry in 2016, and now all eyes are on April, when the new mega alliances are set to launch their services.

That will undoubtedly create a vast number of service offering changes, enabling not only new port pairs, but a whole new network of possibilities for shippers. It also leaves a lot of questions in early 2017:
  • How are the services changing?
  • How will the changes impact shippers’ supply chain planning?
  • How will shippers discover and piece together the optimal routes that best meet their needs among the vast number of new options?
This will evolve over time, with continuous route updates and improvements, and it’s important to understand how these changes affect your ocean procurement decisions.

This one-hour session that aired live on February 16, 2017, arms shippers and LSPs with data and perspective to prepare for what promises to be a unique contracting season.

Expert panelists include:
  • Kim Le, Strategic Alliance Director, CargoSmart
  • Arnold Kamler, CEO, Kent International
  • Moderated by Eric Johnson, Research Director, American Shipper
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